Welcome to Al-Zafran’s Human Resources Department. This site aims to answer many of the questions you have about the HR team, its function, and your employment at Al-Zafran. Human Resources will check that all the appropriate paperwork, which should have been completed or obtained, has been received before written confirmation of an offer is sent. This paperwork includes:

  • Recruitment authorization
  • Application Form (and CV if appropriate)
  • Interview Record and Offer Details forms
  • Documentary evidence of the candidates’ right to work in the Kuwait.

Where the successful candidate does not have the right to work in the Kuwait, the Human Resources team will apply for the work permit from the Home Office. Please note that not all posts are eligible for a work permit, so it is best to seek advice from Human Resources before making an offer of employment.

The Human Resources team will issue the conditional written offer letter, the Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment and other information applicable to the position. However, starting details will only be issued to the applicant once references, and where appropriate, a medical report, which are satisfactory to the Company, have been returned. Should these appear to be unsatisfactory; the job offer will be reconsidered.

The Human Resources Department will carry out other pre-employment checks as required. Where appropriate, arrangements will be made by the Human Resources Department for a pre-employment medical report to be obtained.

Once starting details have been issued to the applicant, the Human Resources Department will arrange for the new employee’s details to be sent to payroll. Managers are responsible for immediately notifying payroll if the new employee does not attend for work on the agreed date.


An induction programme appropriate to the new employee’s position will be agreed between Human Resources and the recruiting manager. It is the responsibility of the line manager to ensure that the new employee attends the Company’s Introduction to Al-Zafran for New Staff day, that the internal induction programme is completed, and that the appropriate people are notified in advance to support the successful completion of the induction process.

A thorough and well thought out induction process is extremely important in assisting new employees to settle in quickly and can aid their long-term retention. This process applies to all employees.

On the subject of the specialized Technical Manpower Supply from outside Kuwait , AL-ZAFRAN General Trading & Contracting Company deals with a range of HR consultancy offices outside Kuwait , for recruiting the specialized Technical Manpower.